5.5cm 5g Minnow Wobbler Fishing Lure


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Product Details:

Brand: MingYan

Lure Model: Minnow Lure

Lure Type: Hard Fishing Lure

Lure Weight: 5g

Lure Length: 5.5cm

Diving Depth: 0.2-1m

Buoyancy: slowing Sinking

Hooks: High Carbon Steel Treble Hooks Swimming

Eyes: 3D Fish Eyes

Material: ABS

Colors:15 Colors

Product Features:

1. The bait body adopts advanced environmental protection materials, not only has a high impact strength, but also does not produce harmful substances to the environment.

2. The bait is designed to have the best balance so that the bait can swim at the slowest possible retrieval speed.

3.The baits have lifelike painting and vivid 3D eyes ,they make the bait looks like real fish swimming in the water during fishing.

4.Colorful body: Simulation design, more attractive to fish.

5.Hooks: Anti-corrosion, stronger power, durable, freshwater seawater universal.

6.Metal Balls: Stainless steel balls inside, to keep balance of the fishing Lure, for the furthest distance casting.

7.Stronger Bicyclic Rings: Strengthen the double circle increased resistance to pull.

8.Simulation Fish Skin (Laser): The design of simulation fish skin make it more attractive to big fish.


Additional information

Weight 0.010 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3 in

Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Beach Fishing, LAKE, River, Reservoir Pond, stream, Ocean Rock Fishing








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