Fish Attractants Concentrated Fishing Bait

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Fish Attractants Concentrated Fish Bait Additive Fish Lures For Carp Grass Carp Silver Carp Herring Snapper Tilapia Bighead Carp


1. Stimulate the sense of smell and taste of fish

2. Attracts fish quickly

3. A gift for experienced anglers or novice anglers

4. Suitable for carp, grass carp, silver carp, herring, snapper, tilapia, and bighead carp

Weight: 28g
Ingredient: Fish meal, soybean meal, fish attractant
Small grains: about 330
Large grains: about 120

Product list:
1 bottle * Fishing Attractant

1. When in use, take 1-2 pieces of this product and directly hook them for fishing. Applicable to black pits and all kinds of freshwater areas.
2. If it can’t be used up in a short time after opening the bottle, please seal the lid to prevent the smell and moisture from drying out. If it has dried, you can also add the appropriate amount of koji wine and soak it for about 1 minute. You can’t add water, and it’s not easy to store unless you use it immediately.

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1.【Catch Fish Faster】With a Fishing Attractant, the smell, and taste of aquatic species can be strongly stimulated, and the exercise and stress resistance of fish will be enhanced, so that fish can catch the bait faster.

2.【Selected Material】Selected high-quality materials, Freshwater Fish Attractant is friendly to water and fish, and it is not easy to remain, so you can use it with confidence.

3.【Easy to Use】Fish Attractants are easy to use. Hang the particles directly on the hook, and then you can start fishing. It is recommended to change the bait every 5-10 minutes.

4.【Practical Gift】Give Carp Fish Attractant as a gift to your father, husband, boyfriend, or son. They will be very happy to receive it. It can be used by both experienced anglers and novice anglers.

5.【Widely Used】You can use Fish Attractant Powder in reservoirs/lakes/rivers/black holes. It is suitable for many kinds of fish, such as carp, grass carp, silver carp, herring, snapper, tilapia, bighead, and so on.

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