Japanese Minnow Crankbait

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1Pcs Japanese Minnow Fishing Lures Floating Hard Bait95mm 7g Artificial Bait Wobbler Crankbait Carp Perch Pesca Fishing Tackle


1. Make the bait come alive with vivid 3D eyes, make the bait look like a real fish, and show a better swimming posture in the water when fishing.

2. There is a center of gravity transfer steel ball in the body, which can move to the tail when throwing to increase the throwing distance. The posture in the air is stable and smooth, not easy to turn around and is good for throwing.

3. It can reflect external light at all angles, and has the effect of light attracting fish, which is suitable for different water conditions.

4. There are several small steel balls in the body, which will make a sound when dragging, which strongly attracts the fish’s attention.

5. It is made of ABS plastic material, sturdy and strong, resistant to falling and percussion. The steel balls used inside have been tested by precision instruments to ensure the swimming style of each bait.

6. Lifelike swimming style, S swimming action at various speeds. And attract fish to bite.

7. The bait is designed with the best balance, so the bait can swim at the slowest possible retraction speed.

8. Colorful body: simulation design, more attractive to fish.

9. High-carbon steel barbed fish hook: anti-corrosion, strong power, durable, universal in sea water and fresh water.

10. Stronger double ring ring: strengthen the double ring, increase the tensile strength.

11. Wonderful fishing accessories for fishing enthusiasts. Ideal for fishing trout, stingray, grouper, spear, musk, squid, squid, etc.

Product specifications:

◆Color: 10 different colors

◆Size: 95mm

◆Weight: 7g

◆Material: high-quality hard bait

◆Hook: high-quality high-carbon steel barbed hook

◆Suitable for waters: all waters

◆Quantity*1pcs high-quality hard bait

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Mainland China




Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Beach Fishing, LAKE, River, Reservoir Pond, stream, Ocean Rock Fishing


1 pcs

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